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Why We Use Equipter®

Your property is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why we value your property as if it were our own. We use the Equipter® RB4000, the self-propelled, lightweight dump trailer that helps decrease debris around your home. It’s an innovative investment we’ve made to protect your property throughout the entire roof replacement process.

New Roof No Mess® Roof Replacement Using Equipter®:

  • Lifts to catch debris, like shingles and nails, before it hits your lawn

  • Compact size to protect your lawn from the damage heavier equipment might cause

  • Allows our crews to work more efficiently, so we’re out of your yard faster

The large dump container of the RB4000 lifts up to 12 feet towards the roof, providing less distance for the debris to fall. This helps protect your exterior walls and windows from getting hit by stray debris. It also helps prevent snapping branches off your shrubs or knocking buds off your favorite flowers when old shingles are removed. Its wide tires leave minimal tracks on lawns and landscapes, meaning no damage to your yard.

The RB4000 can also deliver material right to the roofline, making setup and production much faster and allowing us to finish your job sooner.

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