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Roofing In The Rain - Should It Be Done?

"Rain, Rain, go away. Come again another day."

As roofers, we wish it were that easy to shoo the rain away! Because it’s not, there are certain guidelines we abide by to ensure a safe and effective installation process for your asphalt shingle roof.

Safety Hazards

While you can technically shingle an asphalt roof in the rain, we refrain from doing so due to the hazards and risks it can pose; both for our workers and your home. Rain can cause very unsafe conditions for the men and women who complete installations. Some roof treatments such as slate and wood shakes become slippery when wet. Once shingles are removed, the wood sheathing covering your home can also become extremely slippery, making it easy for a slip and fall. Roofing in inclement weather also increases the risk of being struck by lightning. That's something we definitely don't want!

Risks To Your Home

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and we want to make sure it’s protected. We do this by minimizing the risks weather can pose during the roof installation process.

What’s a roof’s worst enemy? Yes, you guessed it - it’s moisture!

Shingles don’t adhere properly in the rain. Gaps between shingles that haven’t adhered properly can cause leak penetrations and introduce moisture into the roofing system. Similarly, if the wood protecting your home gets wet during the installation process, it can cause trapped moisture between the components of the roof system. Trapped moisture can lead to mold growth and rot on the roof surface and in your attic; any of which would require costly repairs.

Voided Warranties

Most of the components of a roofing system are covered by manufacturer warranties. If these materials aren't installed according to the proper specifications, including under adequate conditions, your warranty might be void.

Our Solution

Our main goal is to protect the integrity of your home. If your roof has an existing leak and it’s raining, we provide emergency tarping services. Our team will secure a waterproof tarp over the affected area. Once the weather clears, we can complete a full roof replacement and larger repairs. This ensures that our workers are protected, your home and family are safe, and any warranties stay effective.

El Patron Roofing Services is here for your roofing needs. Contact us at (614)441-2888 or fill out a Contact/Free Quote Form. We serve customers in the Central Ohio area.

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